Tooth Extraction Mobile ALTooth extractions can be extremely daunting experiences but they are sometimes necessary. If the tooth has become severely compromised and cannot benefit from or withstand the root canal procedure then your dentist, Dr. David Bogan, may not see any other practical way to treat the diseased tooth than to perform a tooth extraction in Mobile AL.

Assessing the Procedure

Having a tooth removed is not any easy decision and it’s not something which you can take lightly. Dr. Bogan will the determine the absolute necessity of having the procedure done. If there are other alternatives like root canal treatments, then your dentist may opt to discuss these options with you first and then ask you to decide which is better for you. Dr. Bogan can also start discussing dental procedures for replacing the lost tooth, such as dental implants or dental bridges.

Pre-Procedure Evaluation

Once you’ve agreed with your dentist regarding getting the dental extraction, the Dr. will then do a general dental check-up to see if you’re fit to go through the procedure and what the actual circumstances of the extraction will be. For instance, Dr. Bogan will check if there is any pus formation close to the tooth to be removed, and prescribe you with an antibiotic to quell the swelling first before moving forward. Your dentist may also ask you to get a dental x-ray in order to fully visualize the tooth and its adjacent structures. It’s also a good idea to disclose to Dr. Bogan any medications which you may be taking. For instance, aspirin or warfarin can make it difficult for you to clot and you would be prone to bleeding unless you stop taking these drugs a few days prior to the procedure.

Post-Procedure Care

After the procedure, you may be prescribed painkillers to deal with the discomfort and pain. You can brush your teeth after the procedure just like you would normally do but make sure to avoid the treated area. However, do not rinse with mouthwash for at least a day after the extraction. This is to avoid dislodging the blood clot which has formed in the socket. You may rinse using a warm salt water solution to reduce the swelling and help minimize the pain a day after the procedure. Refrain from any kind of physical exertion after the procedure, and do not smoke for at least a day after the extraction.

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